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Monday, January 18, 2010

Wedding Album #1: the Photo Booth

The photo booth was one of my favorite parts of our wedding. I have a million favorite parts, but it's up there on the list. A minor snafu with the timing of toasts and having wine in the glasses turned out to be a huge benefit for the photo booth. As Stacey and her crew zipped through the tables pouring wine, our guests lined up to pose in our photo booth. As a result we had tons of fabulous images to use in our "photo booth guest book."

We didn't have as many guests write notes on the chalkboards as I expected, so when I designed the album in Adobe InDesign I interspersed the photos with personal messages among those without to give it the feeling of a true guest book. I assume that many guests opted to write notes to us in our wedding cookbook instead. In hindsight we probably ought to have set up the photo booth directly next to the escort cards as we did with the cookbook, but the light wasn't as nice there.

It took dozens and dozens (and more dozens) of hours to design our 20 page guest book album. I absolutely love the way it came out and am very excited to start finish the wedding album. After we finish moving into the new beehive, that is.

All photos taken by our fabulous photographer Geneve Hoffman. She's amazing. Call her.

I finished the layout way back in November, but waited to post it until my mom could view it with me. She made a special trip to the new beehive last week just to see the album. Ok, maybe it was 75% to see the album and 25% to see me.

Relax, the social security number photo is a work-related joke. Those are random numbers.