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Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Photo Booth Backdrops

I took advantage of's summer sale and bought the final two photo booth backdrops.
one blue
and one pink

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Satin Corsages for the Moms

I bought hot pink satin flower hair elastics from J.Crew's crewcuts when I was last in Maine. My intention was to cut the elastic and sew a pin in its place and have our mothers and grandmothers wear them as corsages. I was feeling uninspired by the project and left it sitting in the wedding drawer for months. I just thought the flowers need a little something extra.

This morning I was putting away the new duck cloth corn hole bags when I had an ah-ha moment. I'll add a single leaf to each satin flower using the leftover navy duck cloth. The contrast between the satin and duck cloth adds some interest and makes the whole satin flower thing a lot less cheesy.

One down, three to go.
Update: four down, none to go. Check.

Table Numbers!

Here they are!
My favorite is the last minute addition, "bee hive." S and I are debating between "camp maine" and "rangeley" for our cabin table. I say camp maine, but he says rangeley since he's never been to camp maine week. Duh, camp maine week is just a week when we ALL go TO camp maine. The place is still called camp maine. Hence Misha's camp maine song!? Going to camp maine, going to camp maine, Misha iiiiss going to camp maine. Hello!? It's not Misha iiiisss going to rangeley. That doesn't even make sense! "Rangeley" isn't in Mish's vocab list!

Here's a close-up of the sign for the wedding guest cookbook table. Check out my poetry skills.
I have no excuse for the crummy iphone photos. My camera was on the coffee table next to me, but I grabbed the phone.

These signs won't be complete until the RSVP deadline has passed and we have all the wedding songs to list on the back. I'm going to send the songs to our DJ and he'll tell me the order he'll play them during dinner.

I'm in Love with Emerson Made

Check out the beautiful work at Emerson Made. I'm getting excited for post-wedding projects. I can just see a bright pink fabric peony jazzing up my winter coat!
I would add this beautiful flower to my dress, if it didn't already have a ton of fun going on. Just look at this beautiful work that she does. b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.
Seriously. I would love to make beautiful things for a living like emerson made. So pretty.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Place Card / Table Card Holders

I bought these little silver cubes from Crate & Barrel to hold up the table cards:

Monday, July 27, 2009

Table Number/Name Mock-Up

I finished the table number/name layouts yesterday and put together this mock-up of one of the tables.
A few are dates and the rest are places, names and things. I need to find simple placecard holders to stand these on the tables.

I heart packages

I love packages.
Love, love, love.
So I signed up for the lovely package exchange.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Few More Purchases

Just a few additions to the stash in the wedding dresser.
Hot pink flip-flops for the reception, a unity candle stand, gummy lobsters to-go for S's young nieces & nephew, wreath hangers for the large letters on the ceremony side doors, pew clips for the letters inside the ceremony, lexi's special wedding tuffet blanket, and an oven thermometer for mom's oven to make sure the cupcakes cook evenly.

Look Familiar?

Does this photo look familiar?
It should. I've already done this project once and now I'm doing it again. Apparently the corn hole bags aren't supposed to be made of rip-stop nylon, they need to be duck cloth. And because S is obsessed with wedding corn hole, I'm re-doing the corn bags. I don't know what's more irritating, doing the same project again, or the repetitive mind-numbing, no creativity required, sewing. On the plus side, I know S feels my pain, he did sew almost all the napkins after all. And, Joann's had navy & hot pink duck cloth.

Someone's kid is going to get a dozen navy and red nylon corn bags for Christmas this year!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Inspiration Board w/ Laterns & Cakes

I haven't decided on a cake design yet, but I have a pretty good idea of what I'd like. I say "I" because I'm pretty sure S could care less what the cake looks like. I put together this inspiration board with cakes, lanterns and floral designs that I like.
I found this bird's eye view of square tables, which is helping me visualize the amount of space we have at each place setting.
Disregarding six feet of height, the size of the center piece vases is similar to the size of ours, so it gives me a good idea of how much space is available on the table for all the goodies we're working with. I like the groupings of candles, I'll have to check to see if we'll have enough for sixteen per table after creating all the luminaries for the yard.

I love the size of these bridesmaids bouquets from a Southern Weddings post. They're such sweet little pops of color.
Even though we changed our colors from navy & yellow to navy & hot pink ages ago when I saw this wedding, I'm still drawn to the navy & yellow photos! With our color change we changed our non-alcoholic drink option from yellow lemonade to pink lemonade. I would love to float blueberries in it like this:
Perhaps we should even float blueberries in our signature drink, the fizzy pink panty pull down. I'm blushing. That drink needs another name! I also love the papery look of the spring peonies in the photo. I hope we can get a similar look with carnations, which are always in season.

I would like to have a table of glasses of signature drinks already poured when the guests arrive for the cocktail hour. These drinks look so refreshing! Although drinking from a mason jar does not quite go with the feel of our wedding...we'll save that for some other back yard event.
Hopefully we can have the lemonade and ice tea dispensed from cool old-fashioned infusion jars, like these:
And finally, totally unrelated to drinks, flowers, and table settings, we're still on the lookout for photo booth backdrops. I like the way this black and white pattern repeat looks here. It would be great to find something similar in navy or hot pink.

Last Weekend as a Homeowner-ish in Peeeeecola

This is our last weekend as homeowners in Pensacola! If all goes as planned we'll be closing on the sale of S's house on Thursday and then renting back for a couple of months. S is spending the weekend away like he did for the majority of his home-owning weekends while I attempt to tackle a few more wedding projects.

Wedding Day Time Line

I spoke with the chaplain and with Geneve the photographer today about wedding day time lines. I think I have enough information about the ceremony to start the program layout. We still don't have a reading for N, but I think "A Reading" will suffice for program purposes.

The conversation with the chaplain was helpful, but not as helpful as the one with Geneve. She essentially laid out the entire day for me while I took furious notes. Because of her I no longer feel totally overwhelmed and way behind schedule. In fact, I spent 4 hours tonight working on what is currently a 13 page guide to the wedding day. It lists all of the relevant parties, where they need to be at what time, and who is in charge of what.

Tomorrow I will work on the spreadsheet version of the schedule before moving on to the programs.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Corn Hole Bags, Half-Check

The corn hole bags are sewn and turned. We'll wait until we're in Maine to add the corn feed and sew them shut.
They didn't have any pink fabric so we used blue and red instead.

Table Facts & Snippets

This week S came up with a list of table names based on little facts and snippets about us. I then took the facts & snippets and created a 4.5" round stickers to adhere to the backs of the menu cards. S is cutting out stickers while watching the British Open today.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm Free to Leave Now

I've been living in Pensacola for almost a year not and still had not seen a Blue Angels show or even a practice. It's kind of hard to believe given that they practice every Tuesday (or Thursday, I don't really know, obviously). This weekend is the annual Pensacola Beach air show. And while I have absolutely no desire to wait in traffic on the bridges for 4 hours, nor sit in the sun on a packed beach for 8, I was more than happy to zip over to the beach to see one of their practices this week.

Fat Albert flying over the life guard hut and the pier:
Four of the six Blue Angels in formation approaching the Pensacola Beach water tower:
All six on their way way home:
I wanted to see the Blue Angels before we move from Pensacola, so now I guess I'm free to go. Our house is under contract and my planned departure date is looming near, but I'm not ready to go yet. It's wet and cold in Maine and sunny and warm here. I like sunny and warm. Plus, the impending homelessness is not my idea of a good time. I'm really regretting agreeing to S's bachelor whims in the first place!

Corn Hole

I bought the nylon cloth to make corn hole bags last week. And a trip to the beach this week reminded me that we have to get to work on the wedding corn hole game!

Baby Shower in a Box

Bridesmaid A is throwing her sister a baby shower this weekend. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it home to be there (and to help) so last weekend I put together this baby shower in a box. I made a diaper cake, ~50 cupcake toppers, favors, games, confetti, and of course, a gift. I hope A's sister likes it!

Recycled T-Shirts

I found this cool instructable for using old t-shirts to make grocery bags. I wish I had a few of these when I went to Wal-Mart tonight and walked out with 50 plastic bags: one for each item I bought. Does each head of lettuce really need its own bag? Could we possibly put two dozen eggs in one bag? How about the bread and the english muffins in one? No? Ok. Next time I'll bring my old t-shirts.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Under Contract

We're under contract to sell our house. I'll miss it when we go, but I'm looking forward to the next house where hopefully I'll have plenty of projects to distract me from wedding DIY withdrawal.

Rings & Blings

S finally decided on a wedding band style and today we went to a few mall stores to have him sized. Not surprisingly he is a variety of sizes. Great. But, he assures me that "it doesn't matter anyway," which I think is code for, "I'm only going to wear this for one day and then it will sit in my dresser forever." So I'm just going to go ahead and buy whatever the etsy seller Hawaiititanium tells me to buy.

S is making great progress haggling the price of my wedding band down. After an 8-store bidding war he has narrowed the contenders to two final competitors. I think he's fairly close to cost, nearly 100% less than the original retail price. Apparently he procured my engagement ring in a similar competition and the shop where he bought my e.ring is currently one of the final two in the battle of the band.

While I'd like S to throw matching diamond earrings into the battle, it won't be necessary. I bought these this morning:
They appear to match my ring well and were a very good price. So I now have two earrings options, but I promise I won't turn this into another shoe fiasco.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


So far we have confirmed that five invitations are lost in the mail somewhere. Not returned to the fam, but lost. Thanks USPS.