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Monday, June 23, 2008

Bridesmaids & Favors

I made wedding planning progress this weekend, despite my growing fear of rainy days. I asked my longest friend, A, to be my maid of honor. She pointed out that I'm the old maid and that she will be my matron of honor. I also asked a good friend from law school, C, to be a bridesmaid. Only two more friends to ask...So far the four women I've asked have said yes; hopefully the yes-trend will continue!

On Saturday I visited the engagement site again for the first time. I tried to remember which tree was behind S when he asked so I could approximate the exact spot. I think I found it. Then I walked the property with M wagging behind me to see how various views of the house and fields look from various vantage points. I think I figured out the "flow" of foot traffic.

Sunday C and I visited Stonewall Kitchens where I picked out our favors - mini jars of Maine blueberry jam! I'll incorporate them as part of the table-setting decorations. I'm also quite sure that we'll have a large tent with navy paper lanterns and strings of white LED lights. We can also use strands of lights to create walk-ways throughout the property and to light up trees around the tent. I like the idea of hanging seating cards from navy ribbons tied to a tree near the entrace to the tent.

I think we're back to a Saturday wedding with a relaxing post-wedding brunch on Sunday with planned hangover-nursing events like lounging around the pool. And, of course, a scheduled evening at the bar where S and I met...multiple times.

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