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Friday, February 26, 2010

Wedding Recap: The Morning of Our Big Day

My phone rang at 6:30. Bridesmaid, C, not knowing I had taken a sleeping pill and set my alarm for 8, assumed I would be awake. Lexi was sprawled next to me on our bed and after lying in bed for a few minutes I decided it was time to get up and embrace the few extra set-up hours C's call granted me.

It was a beautiful, peaceful morning as I Lexi and I set out to the barn where a trailer hooked to the jeep waited full of luminaries. I am so grateful for C's wake-up call and for the quiet time I spent on the farm early that day.
Lexi and I hopped into the CJ and started lining the driveway and pathways to the bonfire and restroom with luminaries. I placed the lanterns on the stone wall:
And set-up the bathroom area and lots of goodies and mini flashlights.
I place the dancing flip-flops next to the dance floor that had been set up earlier in the week.
We set-up the guest book cookbook near the quince bush:
And then hung the escort cards that we had attached to ribbons earlier, from the quince.
I placed the goodie bags we made for our three kid guests under the escort cards.

At some point my matron of honor, Amy, showed up early with all the cupcakes she had stored in her freezer:

and then set to work in my mom's air conditioned office putting each cupcake in its own take-away favor box. The boxes had to remain open so the thawing cupcake frosting would not develop soggy water droplets. The room smelled amazing, and after the cupcake baking fiasco, I was so grateful that the whole plan was pulling together well.

At around 9 I took my toiletry basket to the outdoor shower and went through my whole wedding-morning grooming plan. I was remarkably relaxed, calm, and ready for the best day of my life.

As Amy I left for Head Games salon in Portland, the caterer's crew arrived to set the tables in the tent and around the yard.
As calm as I may have been, the morning was not without drama. I realized that there was no way I'd be able to light all the lanterns, and set out all the directional signs on my own. So I interrupted my darlin' groom's last morning of singledom, dialed-up my brother, and enlisted some much needed last-minute support. While I was at the salon with the ladies S, my brother, and several of S's friends hung hundreds of throwies in all the paper lanterns and set signs along the road to and from the ceremony and reception.
Amy and I texted S as we left the salon and thankfully the guys were just finishing up. As she and I turned onto my parents' road we passed S leaving the house on his way back to his hotel.

The yard had transformed while we were away. It was absolutely amazing. I was so excited. The catering crew asked for my final approval and then set off to get dressed and ready to switch into server-mode. Before they left, they set up a huge delicious spread of sandwiches and snacks in the kitchen for all the bridesmaids and family who were getting ready at the house.

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Denise @ Raw Brides said...

Wow - the colours of blue and pink are absolutely GORGEOUS!

Looks like the day was perfect.