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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I do...but First You do This and You do That

As I mentioned earlier, I wished I had one more day before the wedding. I would have made more wedding wands, downloaded more music, and made a more organized list for our coordinator, Abbie.... Well, maybe not a more organized list for Abbie, because the woman rocked! Holy cow, she was awesome!!

Abbie is bridesmaid C's younger, very organized, very professional sister. We spoke several times leading up to the wedding, but not in any great length. She showed up to the rehearsal with a clipboard in hand and downloaded my entire vision in under an hour, all while bossing around our family and friends and generally running the tightest ship to sail through the meeting house. She's available to boss your friends and family around too. And wow, she rocks.

She had the wedding party lined up just as the manifesto dictated
and lead us through our processional and recessional several times.

S and I practiced our I dos, or in S's case our "we'll see." It was at about this point when we realized that we were not (ahem, I) going to have enough time to write our own vows. So we nixed them.
After a quick run through of swords with no swordswe were off for the feast, featuring lobsters and a dinghy full of beers.
We celebrated for hours, S's dad toasted us, we toasted them, we gave our wedding party gifts and the night went on and on. In a separate post I'll have to go back and find photos of all the goodies I made for the girls. Somewhere I have photos of the sail bags, clutches, gold and crystal earrings, and flip flops that I made!

We stopped at our local bar, Gritty's, where we met more guests and had a few drinks. After about an hour S and I split up for the night. I went home, took a sleeping pill and wrote an email to Abbie outlining everything that was left to do in the morning before the big event. I set my alarm for 8am and turned off the light at mid-night.

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