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Friday, September 11, 2009


The ranger greeted us by saying, "we have a bear problem and it's been getting worse over the past few weeks."

Woah Nellie he was not kidding! The first night we were woken three times by crying baby bears running through the camp sites. I had no idea baby bears cry so much like little puppies. The second day I was standing in my underwear ankle deep in the coldest brook ever after a challenging hike up the knife edge when a baby bear comes bounding down the trail. My first thought was "what kind of black dog is that." I quickly realized it was a very curious baby black bear. I wrapped myself up and begged S to hurry up so we could get out of there before it's mother showed up. Unfortunately, after 10 miles with the camera handly, we didn't have it at the swimming hole with us.

The baby bears came back crying through the campground during the night on our second night, but after seeing how small they were I was a lot less scared of them. I had the camera poised for a morning shot, but we were packed up and on the road before they made their morning breakfast scraps rounds.

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Sarah said...

Oh, awesome. Stu and I (and some of his family and friends) are going camping outside of Baxter over the last weekend in September. I'm sure baby bears are cute, but I want nothing to do with the grown ones.

Hope you had a lovely trip!