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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Birthday Gift

My birthday was last week and S and I had a small dinner and cupcake celebration with bridesmaid W. W's husband couldn't join us because he was studying for the LSATs. Poor sucker. I don't think we sent W home with a cupcake either. Wow, we're mean!

After cupcakes I opened a few gifts from S and from my mom. My mom gave us another two sets of our flatware, which we need if we plan to entertain more than 4 people at a time this summer. However, I'm hesitant to open them up before the move because I've discovered that we have rusty looking water and it's leaving spots on the flatware (and turning my white towels rusty). Off topic, if you know how to get rust out of the towels let me know please. I use chlorine free bleach in the wash, but it makes only a marginal difference.

S gave me several nice gifts, but the highlight was a key chain from Coach in the shape of a bee.
Given S's name, naturally our house is the bee hive. I've even designed the logo for our first baby bee. Hey, it's my birthday, I'm not getting any younger, and every kid needs a logo. My birthday key chain will be perfect to hold the keys to the next hive, that is if I can bear to actually use it and get it dirty!


Jen said...

that keychain is cute!

Bobby Earle said...

Cute ;-)