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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let There be MORE Light!

S and I (mostly S, really) made more throwies this weekend and I'll make 70 more as soon as the next shipment of batteries arrives.
This morning I ordered 186 paper lanterns from after the woman who I was going to share lanterns with found out that her fiance is surprising her with a honeymoon that requires that they leave directly from their reception. She couldn't vouch for the disassembly team and I didn't want to risk not having lanterns on time. I'm planning to sell them all after our wedding.
The lanterns will hang in the tent and in the apple orchard. To add some color we'll hang four feet of pink ribbon from each lantern, doubled up so each will have two two foot tails hanging down. I bought pink hanging ribbon from, where I also bought the ribbon for my dress and for the bouquets.
And I bought a roll of three inch wide ribbon to tie around the table cloths of the high-top cocktail hour tables.
Also from Paper Mart, I bought 500 white paper lunch-bag sized bags (500 was the smallest quantity and less expensive than 100 elsewhere). To go in the paper bags and on the reception tables I bought two gross white votive candles,
and two gross frosted glass votive holders on ebay.
I really hope that I'm able to resell most of this stuff after the wedding so we can recoup some of the costs and minimize the amount of crap we have laying around for the next 50 years.

This weekend I may take a wedding break and make my Nana a new apron.


Jen said...

186 lanterns?!?! dang, that's a LOT! when are you getting married? I'm getting married in Sept, maybe I can buy a few from you if you're interested? like 20?

Peanut Petunia said...

Oh you'll def be able to resale. Very cute!!

--Mrs. Strawberry