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Monday, June 15, 2009

Eight Hours Later I Went to the Beach

On Sunday I spent six hours in front of the computer designing stickers, stickers, and more stickers. I created square stickers for the tops of the cupcake boxes, one with the vanilla cupcake recipe and one with the chocolate cupcake recipe. I made 3" round monogram stickers to secure the 2 3/4" wide navy ribbon to the vases. And I made a bunch of round number stickers to tie to the guest flip flops.

After printing over 70 sheets of labels, I set up my cutting & punching station in front of the TV. I made the size stickers and tested one out on a pair of flops:
I punched out 50 vase stickers and tested out my new circle cutting tool, which we'll use for the menu cards:
and then I started to cut the menu cards. But after eight hours sitting around in the air conditioning, I got anxious/guilty/frustrated about being inside. So at three in the afternoon I slathered on some SPF, grabbed my towel, and headed to the beach!

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