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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mini Clothes Pins

While I was shopping for supplies for bridesmaid W's baby shower, I found these mini clothes pins, which I had been on the look-out for since my mom suggested that we hang the escort cards from a string (or ribbon) using them. I snatched them up, took this photo, and squirreled them away in the "wedding stuff" dresser.

In other news, S finished assembling the invitations last night. We were three grommets short of using all of our backers. We have 138 invitations left, after sending 10 to Maine for my dad to take overseas next week. I also spoke with Billy Little, postmaster in Darling, Mississippi, this afternoon. Pay careful attention to your invitation and you'll see why I was chatting with Billy today! Now I'm just waiting on S's last three addresses, two from my list and our stamps. I told Billy he should expect to receive our invitations next week. Billy is a key player in this process.

Off to make cupcakes for my birthday!


Razvan said...

These are so cute! Didn't know these things exist. at our wedding we had pictures of us on the patio but we stapled them. These would have been great fr that!

Sweet Tooth said...

These are so cute!!