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Friday, April 17, 2009

Boutonniere Inspiration

I saw these boutonnieres a little while ago and fell in love with them for bridesmaid G's and brother's loosely ski-themed wedding.
They met on the ski team in college and are avid ski vacationers. I found a source for the actual mini ski set so we'll be making these for their wedding this fall. But, I'm still left searching for the perfect boutonnieres for the men of honor at our wedding. S and the groomsmen won't be able to wear boutonnieres so the men of honor are limited to my dad, brother, S's dad, and S's grandfather. I thought that perhaps I'd create a unique bout for each man, highlighting his favorite hobby. Skis or a Jeep for bro, running shoes for S's dad, a 1040 form for my dad (ha.). But it just doesn't seem to fit within a cohesive theme. So off to the Interwebs I went, in search of some inspiration.

A fuchsia dahlia would fit with the wedding flowers and I love the fullness and simplicity of this bloom.
(source M.S. Weddings)
And I like the way these two incorporate a knot of ribbon
I also like the possibility of using a single orchid bloom, if one of my 50 orchid plants happens to be in bloom on 9/5. (I'm really trying to find a house big enough for the orchids, mom.)
Ultimately these are all beautiful flowers and any one of them would look lovely, but I just want something more. I want something to tie "it" all together. (Did my dad really mean for me to go this far when he said any job worth doing is worth doing right?) And just when I'm thinking the men-folk will just have to wear pocket squares that match Lexi's collar and my table's napkins, I find this ah-ha photo.
Look very closely; that's a piece of fabric cut to the shape of a leaf with the man of honor's initial embroidered on it. Perfect. Monogram. Fabric. Elegant. Understated. Simple. I'll use a pink bloom and wrap it with navy ribbon. And I only have to make four. I can hear bridesmaid C rolling her eyes as she says "good god, girl."


Shawn Leyden said...

I like that first one too!

Carrie said...

I cannot believe the effort you are putting into everything! Good for you!