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Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Progress

We made a little progress this weekend, but nearly as much as I had planned. On Friday we tried on wedding bands, but our local store didn't have the bands that match my ring exactly. So they're ordering the single width:
and the double width:
bands for me to try. They should be in stock by the time I return from next week's trip.

On Saturday I created bridesmaid W's baby shower invitations in Photoshop. They're very cute, in my humble opinion. She had a massive yard sale Saturday morning to make for for baby, so I stopped by Friday night to claim a few of the votives she used at her wedding last year. I also grabbed another pan to use on Great Cupcake Day 2009 (tentatively scheduled for 8/28 - get ready to lend me your kitchen aids, ladies). (S is wondering if his coveted yard gnome was rescued from the yard sale pile.)

Finally, on Sunday I wrote detailed notes for S regarding various bus companies I called a few months ago and asked him to make guest transportation arrangements given that our first choice lost his chance when he failed to send a contract after my third reminder. Before S had a chance to follow through, however, I got a call from choice #2 this morning and booked this beauty for $100 less than their original quote.
It's amazing what the words, "I'm willing to pay $xyz" can do! Don't worry mom, we've discussed parking and the bus company plans to park at the park-n-ride when the bus is not actually in motion (or at McDonald's since the driver apparently isn't allowed a catered meal).

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Carrie said...

Great progress! I bet you'll like the single width band because your engagement ring band is so delicate.