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Thursday, April 9, 2009

RSVP Envelope Solution

My fabulous new printer, the Samsung CLP-315, is great for everything except feeding small envelopes and cards. Bummer. After chatting with the folks at Paper Source and bridesmaid C, I decided to go with clear address labels on the return envelopes.

S and I went to Office Max last week to purchase said clear labels and were rather taken aback by the cost of one package. At S's suggestion I looked on ebay and found an unopened package of the exact Avery labels for under $13, including shipping. Every little bit helps, espcially when S pointed out that the savings are equal to the cost of one reception meal provided by our fabulous caterer Stacey.

During the recent visit with the mom & dad Turtle we finalized the invitations style and wording. I mailed everything off to our layout artist today. I'm excited to see how she works her magic.

Here's a photo of the labels, RSVP envelopes and invite mock-up. The stickers make it look like a total disaster, but so it goes in the world of privacy.
Honestly, how many times am I going to say that I need to use the good camera instead of the iphone??

I also packed the Turtle full of all of our booze, vases, bridesmaids gifts, throwies, fake cakes, etc.. And then I waved good-bye to the fruits of our labor. I wish I took a before and after photo, but packing was a little stressful and photos didn't cross my mind. Every empty space is filled with some goodie wrapped in packing paper. I hope I balanced everything ok and I hope mom & dad Turtle don't get too thirsty and crack into the vodka I stashed under their mattress (and bunk, and cabinet, and . . .).

I guess we ought to get crackin' on some more projects so we have something to show for all our efforts around these parts.

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Bridesmaid G said...

N says to please cover up his home address!