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Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Slowly Coming Back to Me

I took a Photoshop class at least 6 years ago and haven't used Photoshop since then. After signing up for DIY Bride's Photoshop invite tutorial, (which is still in production) I dug out the old install CD and loaded the software on my computer. Surprisingly, the basics came back to me fairly quickly and I was able to come up with this monogram using the Souvenir font that I purchased a few weeks ago.
Bridesmaid S keeps telling me that the f is huge is comparison to the s, so I tried using a different font size for the f so it wouldn't be so much taller than the s. However, when the font sizes are different between the two letters, their widths very clearly didn't match, even with a 1 font size difference. In this image the fonts are the same size, but I lowered the s so it isn't centered with the f like previous versions. I think it looks much better and I'm actually pretty happy with the result. Now that I've mastered this monogram I may actually be able to conquer layout myself, if the budding designer doesn't work out for us.

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