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Friday, May 29, 2009

125 Down, Only 25 to Go

After assembling 100 invitations Wednesday night, S packed up the invite elements neatly in the box-top that Biker Steve gave me, and hid them away so as to keep the house in tip-top house-is-on-the-market shape. I thought they would remain hidden for several days, but to my surprise when S got home from work he pulled out the box and got to work.

This is the assembly station:
And here's S the assembly machine lining up the holes and grommets perfectly:
I have to admit, I felt kind of guilty as S worked away and I prepared the easiest dinner on our repertoire: heating up frozen soup. But I am no good at this project. My invites were no where near as perfectly lined up as S's.

We took a trip to the post office earlier this week where they confirmed that we only need 44 cent stamps. I only had to utter "are you sure?" once and our friendly post woman was passing our invitation to three other co-workers to weigh it on their scales. Yes, confirmed on 4 post office scales near home, on one at the post office on S's drive home, and on one several months ago when I was deciding how many pages to include. I think it's safe to order our custom postage now. High-five to the post office lady for saving us tons o' cash on the 44 v. 61 cent option!

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