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Monday, May 11, 2009

Shower, Shoes, Hair, Makeup & Dresses

It's been a busy week in Maine! I had an amazing shower on Saturday, May 2. The bridesmaids did an excellent job choosing just the perfect location. I was surprised, it was a blast, and I think everyone enjoyed their tea! I think I'll post a few photos to facebook this week.

I met with our Chaplain on Wednesday and really liked him a lot. We had a great discussion and I trust that he will come up with a service that will have enough spirituality and traditional church-wedding elements to satisfy our traditional sides, but will comfortably reflect our different upbringings and beliefs. I was very impressed with his expertise, curiosity and willingness to craft a ceremony unique to each individual couple. It was very apparent that he strongly values marriage and in turn the words, actions, and prayers that begin the marriage. I am very pleased with our selection; I couldn't be happier.

I had a dress fitting on Friday and can't post photos since I don't want S to see. The dress fits perfectly, which is amazing considering how huge it was the last time I saw it. Unfortunately it just barely reaches the floor when I'm in bare feet so the Cole Haan shoes will not work. Nor will the Kathryn Amberleigh shoes, which were just a huge disappointment all around. Mom came to the rescue when she found the perfect blue satin flats with a bit of an embellishment. Thanks mom and thanks again for the great deal, ebay! (Shown with the ribbon that will be incorporated into my dress).
I also had a hair & makeup consultation on Friday. I think we're all set to create the look I want and will be able to incorporate the white satin flower that I found at the J.Crew outlet last week (shown with the ribbon that will be incorporated into many wedding elements).
Friday night we had an Arbonne party and bridesmaid S is going to teach us all how to do our makeup for the wedding in August. I'm really excited for her and to host a party two Sundays before the wedding. I loved, loved, loved the Arbonne products, which is saying a lot because I have red-to-the-touch sensitive skin. Yay bridesmaid S, great find!

Over the weekend I found hot pink satin hair flowers that I am going to use to create corsages for the women of honor at the wedding. Mom, S's mom, S's Ana and grandma, and my Nana will all have the satin corsages. Another great outlet find!
Finally, on Sunday I created a stencil of our monogram and stenciled all of the out-of-town canvas bags that we'll have for our guests staying at the two hotels where we booked blocks of rooms. I hope we have lots of guests and no leftovers (although I wouldn't mind keeping one for myself). Maybe I'll ask the hotel cleaning staff to save any bags left behind so I can have one for myself.
That's it for now. We're meeting with the floral arranger tonight, and with the harpist on Saturday. I'm hoping to have a chance to see the inside of a tent too, if we can make arrangements with the rental company.


Sweet Lorraine said...

Oooo, those blue flats are to die for.

Brittney said...

Interesting post.!! Those blue flat shoes are looking pretty beautiful. Flowers on the toe make a perfect look.