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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Biker Steve Delivers

Biker Steve called this morning to tell me that the invitations were ready for me to pick up. I love this guy's precision. He promised Tuesday morning and he delivered. Thanks Biker Steve. Of course I was too shy to ask Biker Steve to pose with the 'goods, but I did get this shot as I dodged a 30 second rain shower.
I don't care if it rains from now until the wedding as long as it doesn't rain on our weekend!

Here's a shot of the goods safely ready for transport to our assembly station coffee table. I hope there's a Sox game on TV this week 'cause S promised to do some serious hole punching before leaving for Chicago this weekend!
Back to work on this gorgeous day. The smell of our neighbor's gardenia bushes wafting in my office window is intoxicating.

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