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Sunday, May 31, 2009


I've created a folder on my computer called "execution." My execution folder is full of gory details like the water bottle label template, a template to print 63 monograms sized for the 1" punch, and a layout file for our thank you notes, which I will be Goccoing.

I started the execution file last night after gathering all the materials to make 400 cupcake toppers. After a little photoshoping of the monogram and several test-prints, I was ready to print out a sheet of 63 monograms to punch while watching some girly TV. Three hours, 10 texts and six calls to S later I gave up. I lost the 100 sheets of 8.5x11 white labels I bought a few months ago for this project. I looked again in the morning, but they're gone. I imagine I recycled them in some manic I-hope-this-viewer-buys-our-house cleaning spree. Not wanting to waste what was supposed to be a super-productive weekend, I sat down this morning with Ugly Betty and started punching the 400 navy card stock backers. At number 295 the hole punch stopped working.

Several hours later I'm back at home with a package of full-sheet labels, a new hole puncher, a new office fan (happy birthday to me), a photocopy of the thank you for Goccoing, and a shower gift for bridesmaid W. I'm ready to execute.
Here's the guest book I bought yesterday - WS's Bride & Groom Cookbook! Our main guest book is our photo booth, but we'll have this out for guests to write little notes, wishes and thoughts to us on its pages. I tied a few black sharpies with hot pink ribbons rather than having guests write in pink & blue ink. I'm fairly sure I'll be sick of all things pink after the wedding!

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Lucky Designs said...

I love your simple, classic monogram.