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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wedding Day Time Line

I spoke with the chaplain and with Geneve the photographer today about wedding day time lines. I think I have enough information about the ceremony to start the program layout. We still don't have a reading for N, but I think "A Reading" will suffice for program purposes.

The conversation with the chaplain was helpful, but not as helpful as the one with Geneve. She essentially laid out the entire day for me while I took furious notes. Because of her I no longer feel totally overwhelmed and way behind schedule. In fact, I spent 4 hours tonight working on what is currently a 13 page guide to the wedding day. It lists all of the relevant parties, where they need to be at what time, and who is in charge of what.

Tomorrow I will work on the spreadsheet version of the schedule before moving on to the programs.

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