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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Table Numbers!

Here they are!
My favorite is the last minute addition, "bee hive." S and I are debating between "camp maine" and "rangeley" for our cabin table. I say camp maine, but he says rangeley since he's never been to camp maine week. Duh, camp maine week is just a week when we ALL go TO camp maine. The place is still called camp maine. Hence Misha's camp maine song!? Going to camp maine, going to camp maine, Misha iiiiss going to camp maine. Hello!? It's not Misha iiiisss going to rangeley. That doesn't even make sense! "Rangeley" isn't in Mish's vocab list!

Here's a close-up of the sign for the wedding guest cookbook table. Check out my poetry skills.
I have no excuse for the crummy iphone photos. My camera was on the coffee table next to me, but I grabbed the phone.

These signs won't be complete until the RSVP deadline has passed and we have all the wedding songs to list on the back. I'm going to send the songs to our DJ and he'll tell me the order he'll play them during dinner.

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