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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rings & Blings

S finally decided on a wedding band style and today we went to a few mall stores to have him sized. Not surprisingly he is a variety of sizes. Great. But, he assures me that "it doesn't matter anyway," which I think is code for, "I'm only going to wear this for one day and then it will sit in my dresser forever." So I'm just going to go ahead and buy whatever the etsy seller Hawaiititanium tells me to buy.

S is making great progress haggling the price of my wedding band down. After an 8-store bidding war he has narrowed the contenders to two final competitors. I think he's fairly close to cost, nearly 100% less than the original retail price. Apparently he procured my engagement ring in a similar competition and the shop where he bought my e.ring is currently one of the final two in the battle of the band.

While I'd like S to throw matching diamond earrings into the battle, it won't be necessary. I bought these this morning:
They appear to match my ring well and were a very good price. So I now have two earrings options, but I promise I won't turn this into another shoe fiasco.

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