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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cole Haan Shoes, I love you

Nike Air in a dress shoe = best invention ever.

The blue and the crisscross pink shoes arrived last night. They're amazingly comfortable and as long as the 1.25" heel isn't too high I will be wearing Cole Haan shoes on Sept. 5.

I can't believe I haven't splurged on Cole Haan shoes before. It's like a whole new world of shoes was right in front of me (literally since S loves the Cole Haan outlet) and I just never slapped down the plastic required to enter that world. I guess I can't retire on Sept. 6th now that I need to replace my entire shoe collection with Nike Air/Cole Haan shoes.

Or after the wedding I can admire from afar and just keep wearing slippers and flip-flops every day....

1 comment:

Sariah said...

I too love Cole Haan shoes.!! Its really a great fun and experience to get Nike air technology in our favorite dress shoes.