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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The syrofoam cake arrived today. Tasty!
Actually, I'll be cutting a small section out of this cake and stuffing it with real cake so we can "cut" this cake with the sword. But this will mostly be for display, decorated with with real frosting and a navy ribbon accent. We have a topper already that just needs a coat of navy spray-paint. On the day of the wedding we'll add a few fresh pink flowers. How hard can it be? S and I don't care if we taste stale cake, it's all for the photos anyway.

The real treat will be the cupcakes that our guests will be served. I'm a baker, it's my thing. I've been testing out recipes for months that I intended to give to our cake baker. But, this is one detail that I really want to do myself, so I'll be baking and decorating cupcakes (4 or more varieties) the week before the wedding. I'll just have to keep my fingers out of the batter so we don't have button issues on the big day!

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