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Monday, March 23, 2009

Cupcakes: testing the stale factor

I made a batch of chocolate cupcakes with baileys irish cream frosting for a party this weekend. We set several aside to "test" the freshness factor. One is fully frosted and in the freezer, one is fully frosted in the fridge and one is frosted and in the pantry. I'm testing for the following:

1. How does the frosting in the pantry hold up after 3 days. Can I frost on Thursday and still have a tasty cupcake on Saturday?

2. How does the frosting hold up in the freezer. This is the ideal situation - can I bake and fully frost these cupcakes the weekend before the wedding and remove them on Friday? This would be the ideal situation for two reasons: I won't be eating cake batter and frosting two days before my wedding, and I won't be a total basket case trying to frost 200 cupcakes and hang 125 lanterns the day before the wedding.

One would think that with the amount of baking I do I would know the answers to these questions. I still need to test this whole process out with cream cheese frosting as well. Or I could go the easy route and just serve vanilla and chocolate cupcakes and forgo the carrot cake. We'll see.

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