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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


We made the napkins for our wedding. Not just a few napkins, but 160 pink and blue napkins, 8 each of 20 different patterns. Napkins are an easy project, just a little bit time consuming. It took us several days and nights to do them all, but they're done (just in time to clean up the kitchen to put the house on the market).

Here's a photo of the finished goods:

It was difficult to find navy blue prints so we'll just have to rely on the navy table cloths to keep with the "proper" color scheme.

Per S's request I will not post the photo I took of him sewing the napkins as I pre-ironed hems. I must confess that while I ironed all 160 hems, I only sewed about 40 napkins. S is a superstar seamstress -way to go 7th grade home-ec!

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