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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cupcakes: fridge results are in

Cupcake #2 was placed in the fridge on Saturday. The cake was baked on Friday night, the frosting added Saturday at noon. Time in the open air ~14 hours. Time in the fridge ~48 hours.

The frosting is firm without any condensation. Cupcake looks a little dry. 1/2 is warming to room temp in the covered container, 1/2 on the counter. Humidity level in the house is 69% temp is 70 (yes, it's going to rain).

Taken out of the fridge at 11am. Will taste test at 7pm.
The pantry test cupcake #3 was dry yesterday according to S's taste buds. I thought it was fine. The frosting held up nicely for ~40, which means that cupcakes could, in theory, be removed from the freezer and frosted Thursday evening.

Freezer cupcake #1 will remain in the freezer until Sunday at the earliest, which if successful, will mean that I can bake AND frost the cupcakes the Friday of the weekend before the wedding. Which also gives me a full week to run off the cake batter/frosting combo. I promise I don't lick my fingers and stick them back in the bowl. Ha.

Purchased yesterday are materials for foam cake testing, which will take place as soon as one of us goes to the grocery store!

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