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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Soliciting Cake Recipes

S and I have tested several chocolate cake recipes over the past couple years and the best by far is Smitten Kitchen's Double Chocolate Layer Cake recipe. Just look at this deliciousness!
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How could anyone resist? Don't you just want to lick the beaters clean?! (As S points out, I do have a "tasting" fascination/obsession/problem.)

Chocolate cake is fine and dandy if you're a chocolate fan. However, I'm fairly sure we're inviting friends and family who do not like chocolate. I know, how can we be friends with anti-chocolate people?! Ahem, mom. I suppose S and I are a tolerant bunch....

These anti-chocolate folks pose a bit of a problem: I have one, ONE! vanilla cake recipe from Magnolia bakery in NYC. The recipe produces a somewhat grainy cupcake - think cornbread - rather than a moist squishy piece of heaven. It's tasty, but not perfect. I am therefore on the search for the perfect vanilla cupcake recipe, taste tested by you since I don't want to bake 5 batches of different vanilla cupcakes that S and I have no interest in eating.

I'm also considering baking Sweet Polly's carrot cake cupcakes, but I'm unsure whether cream cheese frosting will hold-up well enough if it's humid on the big day. And the last thing I need to worry about on Sept. 5 is frosting sliding off the cupcakes. Ugh, the horror!

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