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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I've started to work on our invitations. I saw a post where a bride printed a calligraphy-like font on dark envelopes and then used while calligraphy ink to trace over the printed font. Preso, I present really easy calligraphy:
They aren't perfect, but after being smushed and smashed in the mail I'm sure they'll look just as good as the $3 per envelope option. It took no more than an hour to do 18 envelopes. I had planned to ask my mom & bridesmaid S for help, but I think I can probably finish the whole batch in less time that it would take for me to drag myself to the post office.

I've worked on a design for the invitations, response cards and thank you notes, but I haven't nailed down a monogram yet. I know exactly what I want it to look like, but I just need someone to take it and stick it in a vector program and send me a high-res image. I have a RFP out on so perhaps I'll find a vendor there. It seems like a waste to spend $$ on this just because I don't have the right program on my computer!

I just received a quote from a printer to print and cut the invitations for us. It's cheap and well worth it. I can just see S and I sitting on the kitchen floor, exacto blades in hand as we cut 2-up invitations to size. Exacto blades and crappy jobs just don't mix well.

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