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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I'm obsessed with lighting.

Actually, that's a lie. I'm just obsessed. Obsessive compulsive is the real term, I think. But right now the obsession is focused on lighting (thank goodness those napkins are finished). I have visions of 100+ paper lanterns hanging in the tent, either hanging from navy ribbon or with tails of navy ribbon hanging from them. Here's the closest thing to my vision I can find:
photo source unknown

The problem with this plan is actually illuminating the lanterns. Buying strings of electric lights is rather expensive, wiring my own would be a PIA, and hanging the lanterns would mean a very linear display, as above. I came across battery powered LED lights, however, their lifespan is about 12 hours and I don't want the caterer turning on LED lights when we're at the church and she's trying to prep food.

Enter, WeddingBee; the most useful wedding board every invented. A kind member of the bee boards posted a simple how-to that outlines how to make our very own battery powered LED lights that last for DAYS! Check out her post, the photo she shows is much closer to what I'd like to accomplish with our lanterns.

Batteries arrived yesterday and LEDs are en route from Hong Kong. This will be a test-run of 100 lights. If we like them then we'll proceed to make 400: 300 for the lanterns and 100 for our guests to use as flash lights to navigate around the yard (even though we'll have tons of outside lighting too).

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