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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Coolest Thing I've Learned

I've tackled a ton of projects during the last 14 months and while designing and making cupcake toppers and figuring out the science behind creating the perfect vanilla cupcake recipe was fun, the coolest thing I've learned during this whole wedding planning process is how to use Adobe In Design.

I bought the software used for a ridiculously low price on ebay from a seller somewhere in Asia whose ebay privileges have since been revoked. Lo and behold it was a deal that was too good to be true; what appeared to be a "copy" of Adobe In Design was delivered several weeks later. After mulling it over, I backed up my computer, crossed my fingers and installed the software. Now several months later my computer is still virus-free (knock on wood) and I'm pleased with my my self-taught through experimentation skills.

RenI managed to lay out all four pages of our programs that will be printed by Speed-d-Print Steve. In a test run last night I confirmed that my pages each line up in perfect quarter inch steps. And tonight I started the layouts of our guest monogram and names for the escort cards. I am sure that there are easier ways to do what I'm doing in the program, but I'm learning by doing and occasionally consulting Adobe's help page.

Not too exciting, but here's a shot of what I'm working on tonight:

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RunToFinish said...

what a fun documentation of your journey!