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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Working on Escort Cards

Instead of packing* today I'm tackling the escort card layout. I printed out several sizes of monograms and test fonts so I could decide on a final layout.
After testing out several combos, I settled on a .6" monogram with 16pt bold font for the guest's name and 12pt bold for the table name. I am going to create clear stickers for all the guests' and all the table names. I can assign table names to napkin patterns (visible through the hole) and stick on the table name stickers today. But with a dozen or so visa applications pending I'll have to wait until the last minute to assign people to the tables; one messed up person/table and I'll have to scrap the entire table's escort cards...and I only have one extra set!
*I really, really, really need to start packing!

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