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Monday, August 3, 2009

Pedicure Colors

After spending most of the day Saturday doing I can't remember what, I convinced S to do errands with me. First stop was the local mall to pick out a OPI toe nail color for the bridesmaids. S stayed in the car to make a few calls while I ventured into our local how-many-under-the-age-of-16-mothers-can-you-have-in-one-place mall, alone.

With coupon in hand I entered Trade Secrets where I promptly pulled one hot pink flip flop (see earlier post) from my purse. The shop girl was psyched that I was the bride picking out nail colors and not some poor bridesmaid sent into a store to "get something that matches." Two minutes later shop girl and I have painted every nail on my right foot a different hot pink. S popped in for all of two seconds before running back out to the car.
(I swear these are all different shades of pink and it really does matter)

After narrowing it down to two colors, we painted the left with our choices and polled the ladies around us. Winning color? La Paz-Itively Hot. Unfortunately, they only had four bottles in stock so I'll have to wait until the end of this week to pick up the rest.

Next stop was Michaels where we bought a cool paper airplanes book/kit for one of S's three cousins who will be the only kids at the wedding. Then it was off to JoAnn's where I bought a friendship bracelet book/kit and extra embroidery floss for the older of the two girls and a crayola magic pen book for the younger of the girls.

We finished off the ridiculously long three hour trip with a stop at Wal Mart where I had to embarassingly admit to the cashier that we were starving and shouldn't be grocery shopping at dinner time as she rung up three containers of edy's ice cream....enough for a gazillion mini ice cream & cookie sandwiches.

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