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Friday, August 21, 2009

Shopping & OOT Bags

Bridesmaid C and I went to BJ's Wholesale Club tonight. We filled a giant cart full of goodies for baking and frosting cupcakes, for the OOT bags, and for the favors. I had the calculator out as C and I figured out how many teaspoons are in a cup, how many cups are in a gallon, and how many bags of marshmallows one needs for a gazillion s'mores. We ended the trip at Hannaford's where I picked up 56oz. of unsweetened chocolate squares and some buttermilk. Total tally was several hundred below budget. Score (although I'm sure I've spent it somewhere else already).

After dropping off C and her 15lb bag of gummie bears, a wedding gift for her boss, I went home to unpack. Unpacking was faster than expected, so two hours later all the OOT bags were stuffed, minus water and all the all-important directions, which I have yet to compile.Each bag contains:
1 smart food
1 animal crackers
1 granola bar
1 ring pop
3 starburst/skittles individual candies
4 twizzlers
~6 double bubble
1 or 2 waters (to come)
and a bunch of stuff like town info maps, coupons, and a flier from the bar we'll be at Friday night. Mmmmm, I want to stay at one of our hotels.

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