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Monday, August 3, 2009

Inspiration in the Strangest Places

In my mind our centerpieces are large puffs of hot pink carnations. Fluffy, full and bright. I found a few photos to show our floral arranger and I think she knows what I'd like. Luckily she'll be arranging at the house on Friday and she flat out said, "I'll re-do it 'til it's what you want." Sweet, since our meeting I haven't spent a second thinking about flowers.


We walked into the Navy Federal headquarters today and saw this on the reception desk
My carnation vision was right there, staring back at me!! I could have whipped out a length of ribbon and monogram jumbo sticker and sat down for a meal.

So I took some photos to show to print for the floral arranger. And I touched the flowers. And I counted the blooms. And I smelled the flowers. And then the receptionist told us we were in the wrong building...

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