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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Partner in Crime is Here

S arrived today! After a minor fiasco with the bags we headed to Home Depot to pick up wood and paint for corn hole.

Once back at the house we had some lunch and then I learned my first lesson of marriage: don't share a closet. I packed all my clothes I won't be wearing for the next three weeks into totes and stuck them in the attic. S proceeded to take over my closet with all his worldly goods.

With my room neat and tidy again, I eagerly waved the fed-ex box containing my ring at S and begged to open it. Murphy reared his head again (I'll write about Murphy's Law and cupcakes when the wound isnt so fresh) when the ring in the box was about half the weight as the one I ordered. I know the price of platinum went up recently, but clearly the person making this ring cut out way too much. It was not my wedding ring.

Several hours of phone calls later, one photoshoot with mom to show how glaringly obvious the problem was, and one trip to fed-ex and we were well on our way to a solution. Jewlers started making my new ring just after the first phone call. It should be here on the 4th, by noon on the 5th at the latest. Plenty of time for the 3:30 ceremony. Anyone have a size 5.75 band I can borrow for a day as plan B?

Finally, at 7 pm my partner in crime and I were able to do what we're here for: projects.

We hung ribbon from lantern assemblies:

This is how they'll look:

And I created our vases:

And just before turning in for the night we looked at some of the gifts the we've (I) opened.

All the gift wrapped boxes are still wrapped. I just don't want dirty shipping boxes on my parents' dining room rug, plus breaking down one or two shipping boxes for recycling is much more manageable.

I'm psyched S is here to pick up where we left off. His arrival gives new energy to the to-do list!

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