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Friday, August 7, 2009


We submitted an offer on a house in Falls Church, VA tonight and now we're crossing out fingers. It's the exact neighborhood and style that I want and needs some work.

I am very pleased to have found a house that needs renovations. It's work I enjoy doing and it will be great to build our own equity rather than pay for someone else's. I am about as far from a "new house" person as you can get - I can't stand not having a house project to work on. My idea of torture is sitting idle in a home that needs no improvements (especially if said sitting involves a tv being on during daylight hours). If we get the house, I'll be happy to finally be able to put my skills to good use rather than re-cleaning clean rooms and re-organizing organized spaces

I almost bought a condo just out of law school becase it had an attached storage area that I could have made into extra square footage! Instead I rented and took projects on a rental unit to a new level, and when I left my landlord was able to get even more rent. I loved our house in Florida, especially when the rooms and cabinets needed painting, but if I didn't have this wedding to plan over the past year, I would have absolutely gone out of my mind.

I think S will be happy when we're in a house where I can be hammering/painting/destroying away so he can finally watch sports in peace. Although, I do think he's become quite skilled at tuning out my, "I want to dooooooooo something" cries!

Maybe we'll be able to get an even better deal on this house because it's kind of dirty. Ms. Clean taking advantage of a home that doesn't show well cause it's dirty and a bit tattered, now that's irony.

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