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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Five Tier Cake Design

We're having a five tier cake. Excessive? No, I love cake. I especially love the look of beautifully decorated cakes.

Before he left for the weekend, S gave me his blessing to choose a cake design without him. Over the past year I collected several dozen cake photos, but now it's crunch time and Stacey needs to know what we want. So without further ado, here are my faves.

We're providing the cake decorator with navy ribbon that matches the ribbon we're using throughout the wedding and a monogram cake topper. Our cake will be round, but this is my absolute favorite, ignoring that it's square. The navy ribbon and pink flowers match our colors perfectly:Because we already have a topper we can't have a big flower poof on top of the cake, but I would like to incorporate cascading flowers like this (I don't like the different width ribbons and different tier heights):This cake incorporates flowers nicely with the ribbon wrapped layers and monogram topper but I'd like more of a cascade look with the flowers and would like the flower colors to be the same (as opposed to a mix of hot and pale pinks, here).
I like the look of the spiky hot pink orchids here and the simplicity of the cake's design. It shows nicely how a "cascading" look can be achieved with just a few blooms:
And finally, I like the placement on the flowers on the tiers of this cake. They give the illusion of a cascade of flowers without an over-the-top blast of blooms. I'm not a fan of the piping around the ribbon, I would prefer a very simple ribbon wrap.
(It also bothers me that half of these orchids are upside down in this photo.)

So in summary, I would like a five tier white cake that:
fits with our elegant modern look & feel
has no extra piping decoration around the ribbon
has a simple navy blue ribbon wrap at the base of every layer
incorporates our monogram topper
has hot pink flowers "cascading" from the top down in a modern & elegant way

And above all else, I want a cake that cannot be described as "shabby chic," or "romantic."

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